Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Who's On First?

Today, Wednesday, I was in a part of town that I don't get to often and I thought I'd try a local Mexican place for tacos to go. The restaurant signage for this fine establishment read Today's Lunch Special: Tacos $4.98.

My attempt at placing an order went something like this:

ME at the counter (italics) : I'll take the special advertised on the sign outside.

-- OK sir, will that be ground beef or fajita meat

Whatever the special is, probably ground beef

-- OK sir Today's Special, anything to drink?

Diet Coke

-- Sorry we only have Diet Dr. Pepper.

How about an unsweetened iced tea?

-- OK sir, let's see (cash register starts) that's 6.98 for the special and 1.75 for the iced tea.

I thought today's special was 4.98?

-- No, that's Monday's special.

But the sign says today's special . . . 

-- I guess the owner forgot to change the sign, do you want me to get him?

No, I'll just pay it and maybe you can remind him.

MEAL ARRIVES, I pay and go to the car, open the container and its a cheese enchilada. I GO BACK.

Ma'am I ordered the tacos.

-- No, you said you wanted today's special which is the cheese enchilada.

But the sign says tacos. Today's Lunch Special: Tacos.

-- I know sir but like I said that's Monday's sign, today's special is enchiladas.

But I don't want an enchilada I want tacos.

-- OK sir we'll get you the tacos, let me see how much they are.

I don't care keep the 6.98 just please can I have tacos?

-- But the tacos aren't a lunch special and the enchilada was a lunch special price  . . .

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John said...

Ah, the price one pays to be a food explorer.

Francis Shivone said...

Yea, it's rough out there.