Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ryan's Fine Grocer and Delicatessan

Ryan's Fine Grocer and Delicatessan

If there is such a thing as hoping prayerfully for a new venture to succeed I'd add Ryan's to my list.


First, they're a young sister and brother team with plenty of culinary experience and who doesn't want this kind of family business to succeed, second they have invested themselves and their money into an area that is developing nicely but which needs a broader variety of stores and merchants, and finally because it reminds me of the corner markets in center city Philadelphia. Places I shopped in every day. Both Ryan's attended culinary school in Brooklyn so it makes sense. There are no super-hyper marts in the city, what cities have is what Ryan's is. And I like it.

What do they have? Take your local supermarket cut it down to corner market size, limit the selections to the higher quality products and you get it. Ryan's has a good selection of meats, cheese, fish, non-perishables, canned goods, vegetables, and fruits with a focus on quality. Also, attached to the market is a deli-style sandwich shop, coffee bar, and a seating area with wi-fi. In the proprietor's more professional words: “We're an urban grocery store with a Brooklyn-style deli ... we specialize in high-quality produce and dry-aged meats. We plan on dry-aging our meats in-house, curing our own salmon, and, hopefully, hanging our own prosciutto.”

The big question: can a local grocer make it on Magnolia? I sure hope so. They'll get my support.

Ryan’s Fine Grocer & Delicatessen
815 W. Magnolia Ave.
Fort Worth, TX 76104
Ph 817-945-2770



John said...

I'm told they make a killer lobster roll for lunch. Soon I hope to make the trip of only a couple blocks for lunch.

Francis Shivone said...

It's a good-looking place and the sandwiches looked good. I'll be by there again soon to try one.

RJG said...
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RJG said...

I love places like this too. I'll definitely will make an effort to get down there.