Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bailey's Prime Steakhouse and Patrizio Pasta

"Bailey's Prime Steakhouse and Patrizio Pasta coming to West 7th."

That is the headline at and the Star-Telegram website. The Star-Telegram article is little more than an announcement. I have never been to the Bailey's Steakhouse in Dallas, so I did a little research. The steakhouse was reviewed by the The Dallas Morning News restaurant critic -- but not favorably. As a matter of fact, he pretty much trashed it.

I have to admit to having mixed feelings on the mega-steakhouses in general, at least from the view of a personal dining choice. The cost to build and build-out one of these places is anywhere from 2 -- 10 million dollars. The Del Friscos in Philly cost around 7 million, I hear. The prospective clientele for these restaurants is not the local diner but the business diner. We need them in the city but when the wife and I are going out for a special dinner, I want the money going into good food and not faux-velvet wall paper. But that's me.

Patrizio Pasta looks like a nice medium priced Italian restaurant. Again, I have never been to any of their Dallas-area locations.

Let's hope for the best in both restaurants, anyone with a comment on Bailey's or Patrizios please weigh in. Thanks.


Andrew said...

I agree about steakhouses. They are generally overpriced and often the quality of all the non-steak food is awful. My idea of good eating is not a $14 plate of canned cream spinach.

Victor Shivone said...

I'll never forget the Central Market! There was a veritable pleathera of food. It was also where Fran and I heard that Pope John Paul 11 died. It was surreal. What a unique and well designed market, with what Fran says is good ingress and egress. It's also spotless! I remember not being able to count all the different types of cheese Central Market carries.