Thursday, January 1, 2009

So I walked into a McDonald's and said . . .

. . ."I'll have an order of scrambled eggs and a small coffee."
"Okay sir," the counter-girl replied as she entered the order onto the screen, "That will be one dollar and forty nine cents."
"And one order of scrambled eggs . . . please," I politely shot back, thinking she had heard only the coffee part.
"Yes sir, I got it. One forty-nine, please."
-----"And coffee?"
"Yes, got that, too."
-----"Wow, eggs and coffee, $1.49, that's a good deal!"

Pause. Smile. "You got the morning Senior discount."

---- Pause. No smile.


Lynn said...

On the other hand, that means more money to spend at Kinkaids, Central Market, et al. Or a bigger yarn budget for your lady.

Lynn, Queen of Silver Linings, who loves the senior discount at IHOP.

Francis Shivone said...

Thanks, Lynn.

Matthew said...

Funny - my dad recently had the same experience. $.39 coffee for the senior discount. I guess getting old has some benefits.

Tyler Awesome Coolage said...


I am so sorry.

The post had excellent comedic timing; I couldn't help it.