Sunday, October 12, 2008

Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fra Angelico
The Sermon on the Mount fresco
1436 - 1443

Museo di San Marco, Florence

Reading from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah

On this mountain the LORD of hosts
will provide for all peoples
a feast of rich food and choice wines,
juicy, rich food and pure, choice wines.
On this mountain he will destroy
the veil that veils all peoples,
the web that is woven over all nations;
he will destroy death forever.
The Lord GOD will wipe away
the tears from every face;
the reproach of his people he will remove
from the whole earth; for the LORD has spoken.
On that day it will be said:
"Behold our God, to whom we looked to save us!
This is the LORD for whom we looked;
let us rejoice and be glad that he has saved us!"
For the hand of the LORD will rest on this mountain.

The picture above and the quote below are from the Art and the Bible website.
"This is one of the fresco's Fra Angelico made on the walls of the cells in the convent of San Marco, in Florence. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gives his view on the Ten Commandments and other rules from the Old Testament. The resemblance with Moses descending the mountain is obvious. "

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