Monday, October 27, 2008

Mac's on 7th

Four of the Food and Fort Worth staff (wife, son, son-in-law and daughter) went to Mac's on 7th Street the other night. The review from all four was a unanimous, "not going back, soon."

The service, staff and friendliness were reported as "very good," as was the location, building, design and layout. Unfortunately, here are the comments on the food,
"the rice had that dried-out crispy finish of being in the oven."
"pecan crusted trout was lukewarm . . ."
"Bread was late, brought after the soup . . ."
"Soup was lukewarm . . . potato leek, but I am not sure I actually got potato leek."
"the food was not up to expectations for the price . . ."
Maybe, it was just a bad night, maybe since it is new in Fort Worth, it is still working out the kinks. If someone has had a different experience, please let us know.


Anonymous said...

I wish I'd read your review before eating at Mac's. While I liked the decor, the service and food were uneventful. We were seated right away, by one of the three hostesses, but our waitress didn't appear for almost ten minutes. And even though the busboys came buy every five minutes, they never cleared a single empty glass or plate. They just stared at the table and kept on going. The food reminded me of eating at the old folks home where my grandmother lived - bland, bland, bland. Don't want to upset the palette. The blue crabclaws were uneventful; the filet was unevenly cooked; the bernaise sauce was uneventful. And the soup, well let's just say that Campbell's makes a better clam chowder. Won't be going back anytime soon? More like, won't be going back ever.

Francis Shivone said...

Sorry to hear of your experience and to hear that Mac's is continuing as it opened.

I try to limit the criticism in the posts but sometimes you have to tell it as it is, and commentators like yourself make it very clear what the place is like.

Anonymous said...

Went their for lunch today and restuarnt part was crowded. Rather than wait we sat in the bar. We were only 1 of 2 tables in the whole bar. Then it started filling up. The waitress dropped some glasses of tea. Glass and tea went everywhere. She came back with a broom to sweep it up, but left alot of glass and ice still on the floor. After many minutes went by no one still had not cleaned it up. I went to get the manager and waited on him for about 10 minutes, but he never came out of the back. I told one of the girls it needed to be cleaned up before someone fell, and she said it would be. That guy didn't clean it all up either. Some glass was still on the floor when we left. It took us about 20 minutes to get our drink and over an hour to get our food. People who came in later than we did got their food way before we did. There was no apology or nothing. The french dip sandwich roast beef wasn't completely done. Short staff or not their was no management nor did the staff care. Very, very disappointed. Would not recommend it.

MarkSelisker said...

My wife and I had a slightly different experience than most of the other posters - perhaps ordering food on the "comfort" side of things, rather than the "light and trendy" side had something to do with it.
We started with the sweet potato french fries with cream gravy, which were grease-free and tasty. She had the chicken-fried steak; the batter was good and stuck to the meat like a glove. I had the char-grilled pork chops, which were tender and cooked to the right temperature. The side mashed potatoes were super garlicky and did not need any gravy. Service was fine, although a substitution that I made (the mashed potatoes) was charged for, even though this was not indicated on the menu.
All told, though, I'll go back.