Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hey Starbucks.

Here's an idea for the turn-around . . . try selling good coffee. Sorry to be a wise guy, but I'm getting annoyed with what was once a great company.

I vote "NO" on Pike's Place. Message to those that think it is good coffee: you have bad taste. I'm thinking of starting a write-in campaign to beg corporate to bring back Sumatra as an everyday pour of choice. It's getting harder to find all the time.

I like coffee. I like it fresh and I like it hot, so when I'm on the road I like to stop for a fresh cup at Starbucks, and until this last year I could stop at any Starbuck's store and get a good cup. No more. I have been buying elsewhere and I'm not alone. They are losing our business to Dunkin' Donuts, McDonald's and yes, even 7-11.

Starbucks today reminds me of Apple Computer in the 80's. After a great run the 70's and early 80's, Apple decide Steve Jobs wasn't qualified to run the company and hired a "real" CEO from Pepsi, in 5 years he ran the company into the dumpster. What did they do to revive it? Went back to their base, the graphic arts industry, narrowed the product line and focused on the vision (after hiring Jobs back), which is exactly what Starbucks needs to do.

Right now, they're selling more junk than a gypsy at Traders' Village. Get rid of it and sell coffee, music (which fits well with the overall atmosphere) and a few pastries.

(P.S. -- Eurotazza and like independents. Now is the time to advertise: "Come on over, we have good coffee.")


Anonymous said...

If you were on Twitter you could send a message to


or visit their site :)


I'm getting tired of their lattes as well... there's something to say about a good froth in a latte, which is almost non-existent in a *$ latte...

Francis Shivone said...

I will, Jake. And I have written the company and begged for certain changes knowing that they probably get 10,000 email a day. But because I am a law abiding Starbucks fan I will petition them on their site. Ciao.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

I'm at the Hulen and Camp Bowie Starbucks for about 30-45 minutes each a.m.
That's the only location in FW that will give me free double-espresso refills.
They're very busy in the a.m., but dead at night and in the afternoons.
And they company is going to shut them down.
I'm in mourning.

re: Eurotazza, etc.

They don't open until 7, which means they're not really a serious company.
Once again, I'm in mourning.