Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Heat: Texas Style . . .

Texas heat in June has a quality to it that heat in northern climes does not have. In Texas, as summer approaches, the sun seems to say, "I am hot, I am here, and I am not going away for a while."

Before air conditioning it must have been worse, it was were I lived. The heat of summer without freon-cooled air has an effect on the mind. A hot day before ubiquitous air conditioners was insufferably long, proving again that time is relative. Put together enough of those days and the mind resigns in defeat. By August 1 Texans, even today with artificially cooled air, can be like Alaskans in winter, thinking when will it end?

No one should be allowed to criticize the state of the world while sitting in air conditioned comfort. Prophets should be made to live without it. Air conditioning, like modern dentistry, separates us from life's discomforts and tricks us into thinking that we are masters of our mood and fortune. It is no wonder that sun and sea were the gods most powerful.

I have come to respect and even enjoy the Texas summer -- but for air conditioning I am truly grateful.


Rambler said...

Actually, we are having a rather pleasant spell. The humidity broke, with a pleasant breeze in early morning and late evening. It rather reminds me of June mornings coming awake on my grandparents' screen porch in the country.

GodfatherOfTech said...

"I have come to respect and even enjoy the Texas summer -- but for air conditioning I am truly grateful."

I cannot agree with you more! Amen!

Francis Shivone said...

Rambler -- Once the humidity of May breaks there is nothing like the dry, cool June evenings. I miss them.

Godfatheroftech -- thanks for the post and I have to say I love the name. How about explaining why it is taking so long to get 3G.