Saturday, December 15, 2007

Just an Observation about Middle Eastern Crowds.

The front page had yet another newspaper picture from the Middle East -- And I have a question (I have noticed it on television, too).

Middle Easterners don't have any sense of crowd paranoia. Every group photo I see there are hundreds and sometimes thousands of men (another interesting point, where are the women?) jammed in close to one another. It looks hot, they are sweaty and upset about something. And everybody seems alright with it. Just another day in Tehran.

I wonder sometimes if it's the same people, and if they aren't paid to stand in this one Mosque-surrounded square and act upset when the cameras go on. At the end of the day the director says, "okay guys, that's it for today, see ya tomorrow." Do they go home after the fete', have dinner and watch a little TV? Grab the wife and kids, "See me there, honey? Look at that arm pump."

Imagine being thrown into that crowd. Westerners have a different take on group activity. We need more space around us or something.

Any thoughts?

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