Friday, December 14, 2007

Fort Worth Italian Restaurants, the winner is:

A post by Regular contributor, Rebecca:

I would like to give some input on a few Italian restaurants I have visited lately, here goes:

Nona Tata - The food was fresh and good, but not really worth all the hype. In fact, my favorite part of the meal was the meat and cheese plate that we got as an appetizer and the desert. The main course was fine ( pasta with shrimp and scallops), but I was disappointed in the size of the shrimp - they were miniscule and barely made any impact on the dish at all. Also, it is almost too small for comfort. I probably won’t go again soon.

Ruffino's - Absolutely fabulous! I love this place and with half price bottles of wine on Thursday’s, it is truly at the top of the list as far as great food and atmosphere.

La Piazza- Does anyone know when they are ever open?? What’s the deal with them anyway?

Macaroni Grill - Always a good experience. The food is good and as long as you don’t mind waiting on a Friday or Saturday night, you won't be disappointed.

Sardines - I loved going there when they were on Camp Bowie! Somehow they have dropped into the background a bit, but my meal was delicious. I think they overdo it on the garlic (I can’t believe I am saying that) but it is always a good date night.

My favorite and I think the Best of Fort Worth: Ruffino's.


Andrew said...

I really think Sardine's is over-rated. I've never known why it is so popular.

John said...

While I have never had a bad meal at Sardines I can also say that I have NEVER had good service. Despite that I remained a faithful customer while they were on Camp Bowie. Since their move they have taken a decided turn downward. I will probably never return.


Francis Shivone said...

I have heard the same from others. I have been to Sardines but don't go Italian too often. I grew up with such good Italian food I tend to stay away from them.

LInds said...

I recently went to Nona Tata and was very disappointed with the service. I may give them one more try but if they do not check on us the entire meal, fill up our water glasses after we paid, and leave dirty salad plates when they serve the entree--I think no more Nona Tata in my future.

Francis Shivone said...

For review seekers:
This post was a while ago and since then I keep hearing mixed reviews on Nonna's. The real deal, albeit on the expensive side is, La Piazza. If you can do without Italian food while visiting Fort Worth I think you are better off.