Thursday, October 4, 2007

What's Right About Nonna Tata

(Editor's Note to web searchers: This post was written almost 2 years ago. Since then I have received more bad reviews about Nonna Tata, written and in conversation, than good ones. Food and Fort Worth no longer endorses this restaurant in a "Best of" Category)

in Philadelphia when the Fort Worth Star-Telegram ran an article on the new Italian restaurant Nonna Tata. I read the review yesterday and have to say that they got it right. The following quote pays a high compliment:

Make no mistake: Trotti's Nonna Tata is not just a restaurant that Fort Worth should be thankful for, it's one that would be treasured in any city in the nation, including New York or San Francisco. (September 19, 2007 / FWST )

High praise that is well deserved.

I am puzzled why more people don't start restaurants in the same way. That is, she makes the food she loves and knows. She is present. She greets her guests. The menu is limited to what can be done well. The overhead is low and the seating is limited but suitable to her budget and her time. Is she going to get rich with a small restaurant? No, but she seems to be enjoying herself, and if she wants to expand, she can, and do very well.

Fort Worth needs authentic Italian cuisine, until she opened I think our Italian food has been mostly bad with a few exceptions like La Piazza. But that's a little pricey. Nonna Tata has a more affordable menu, so it's more of an everyday restaurant and not a special occasion restaurant.

If you want an authentic, reasonably-priced Italian restaurant try Nonna Tata.


Nonna Tata: 817-332-0250, Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth Star Telegram article:


Anonymous said...

I agree the food is excellent, but the management, seating method and service are terrible.
I arrived expecting to wait, checked in and put my name on the listwhich had two groups ahead of us. After waiting 45 minutes I checked to see when we might be seated they informed me that we were next. Thirty minutes laterand after seating two more groups ahead of us they informed me we were next and the table should be leaving any minute.
I spoke to the people at the table and they informed me they had not even ordered. At this point I left and will never return. A restaurant is not only about food but it is also about service and proper treatment of customers.

Francis Shivone said...

I have heard that from others. The chef/founder desperately needs an administrator or, as you say, the good food will be overtaken by the bad service.

Anonymous said...

I only recently discovered this restaurant and have to comment here. You don't go here for comfy seats and hovering service. You go here for the FOOD. After only one visit, I think it's the best Italian food I've ever eaten. And I'm 63 years old, and I LOVE Italian food. I expect to return again and again, and I despise sitting on stools. I would even sit outside in the summer heat for this food. Incredibly yummy.

Anonymous said...

After all of the great reviews, I went to check this out. This was probably THE WORST Italian food I have ever eaten. My friend and I tried different dishes and neither was even passable. After traveling in Italy and living in Pittsburgh for many years, (almost all Pittsburgh restaurants seem to be run by Italians.), I have eaten a lot of pasta, and this was, without a doubt, the worst. The service was poor, the ambience was non existant, and the seats are uncomfortable. Not to mention the prices are double what most Italian restaurants charge. Save your money.