Friday, September 28, 2007

St Martins Wine Bistro in Dallas -- Perfect!

A guest review of St Martins Wine Bistro from RJS:

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be taken out to a fantastic French restaurant in Dallas called St. Martin’s. It is in the trendy, Greenville entertainment district, but is a surprising step back in time with heavy woods, white tablecloths and a live piano providing covers of classics such as Frank Sinatra. After being seated, our friendly but not too friendly waitress, took our order of mixed drinks. I had a Cosmopolitan which was perfect! Very cold with little ice crystals forming on top and not too sweet. I loved it! Charles had a whiskey -- I am sure it was good. The appetizer was the Shrimp St. Martin’s which was heavenly! The sauce was a butter, Dijon, champagne sauce which complimented the shrimp perfectly! Even better was the crusty bread which we dipped in the sauce (I don’t even want to think of the caloric hit that provided). We had the champagne brie soup after that which is as rich as it sounds. It was velvety, creamy and the champagne offered a wonderful slightly tangy balance to all the rich flavors. I was absolutely full after about three bites, but couldn’t stop. (I don't think I will learn how to make it because if I did I would be enormous!) We split an entrĂ©e after that because neither of us could have managed to eat one on our own. The Seared Tuna was a light way to end the meal and it was fabulous. I recommend St Martins to anyone who wants a good date restaurant and who has time to spend eating a great French meal.

Don’t be in a hurry, enjoy it, and don’t eat anything before you go!

St Martins Wine Bistro (214) 826-0940
3020 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX

Go online for a free appetizer.


Editors Note:
Since the editor is old and dottering, RJS provides reviews of restaurants in far off lands (Dallas). RJS is a respected hostess and great cook. Good review.

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