Friday, July 27, 2007

Sometimes Weird Things Happen . . .

Yesterday, when I wrote the review of Pappas Burgers, I did not know that the Fort Worth Star Telegram was going to have a review of the new burger places in their GO section of Friday's paper (columnist:Amy Culbertson). I also did not know that they were going to use boxing gloves in the cover photo with a burger in the middle when I wrote the headline, In This Corner . . . (okay it's an obvious image, but still, it's weird). My little competitor buddy compared the new Dutch's, near TCU, the Love Shack on Exchange, and Pappas, burger-to-burger, and added a sidebar on the old standbys of Kincaids, Goffs, Tommys, etc. They (actually, she) chose Dutch's. Also, the Star-Telegram corrected me on Pappas' source of meats in that it is ground by the Papas Steak House not aged (they have some obligation to journalistic integrity, I don't), but they agreed with me on the bun at Pappas, that it was "smooshed". My mission over the next few days is to try the other new burger places to see if I agree with Ms. Culbertson (great job, by the way) and our local press.

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Anonymous said...

Try the Blue-Cheese burger with chipotle mayo at Dutch's. The best fancy burger I've ever had.
Get the Onion Rings rather than the fries, though.