Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The New Botanic Gardens

Fort Worth natives and long time residents consider the Botanic Gardens and the Fort Worth Zoo two of our finest amenities. If you haven't been to the Botanic Gardens lately you should go. After entering the main entrance find parking and instead of walking through the rose garden turn the other way (North) and check out the boardwalk, gardens, and fountains that are a relatively new addition. Many of the trees and plants are identified and there are children-friendly interests. The beautiful walking paths are perfect on a cooler summer day. It is still free. Across the street from the Gardens is a local best kept secret for runners, walkers, and bicyclists. The paved path along the river extends from East Fort Worth to Benbrook Lake, with additional side routes. I have cycled the route, it is mostly quiet and unpopulated and sometimes without any other users in sight. Bring a picnic lunch, sit along the river and watch the kayakers go by...

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