Favorite Places

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Fort Worth Botanic Garden
White Elephant at Stockyards

Museum of Science & History
Sundance Square at Christmas
Bass Hall
Fort Worth Zoo

Central Market

University Park Village
7th Street

Kimbell Art Musuem
Modern Art Museum

Magnolia Street. South of Downtown

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Local Food: 
If you walking the streets of Philadelphia you can pick up a Philly cheese steak from a corner vendor for $3.50. In Fort Worth, you can stop at a taco stand and get three tacos with rice and beans for about the same. I do it all the time. Also, look for the local owned BBQ sandwich storefront. Great sandwich for about $4-5.
  • Fort Worth: Downtown Fort Worth: a model in downtown renewal.
  • Fort Worth: 7th Street. Just west of downtown
  • Fort Worth: Magnolia Street. A reviving old neighborhood with many good, locally-owned restaurants and shops. Just south of downtown
  • Fort Worth's stockyards
  • Grapevine: Main Street
  • Dallas: McKinney Avenue / north of Downtown
  • Dallas: Deep Ellum
Local Transportation
Public Transportation is not yet much help in DFW, with a few exceptions. Dallas has a developing rail system and there is a train between Dallas and Fort Worth. If you are visiting you really need a car unless you plan on staying in downtown Fort Worth or Dallas and taking the shuttle to the game.Warning: DWI laws in Texas are severe. Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth police will be on high alert. If you've consumed any alcoholic beverages, do not drive. Get a ride or call a taxi. Also, Texas is a no open container state. My suggestion, if you are transporting alcoholic beverages in a car, is to put unopened alcoholic beverages in the trunk.

It's unrealistic to think that on the day of the Super Bowl that traffic will be light. But, freeway access to the new Cowboys Stadium is good, and North Texas Regional Authority has spent hundreds of millions in additional public transportation. I believe the traffic will be better than most events of this kind.

Starbucks are everywhere. Not many independent coffee shops.

DFW is one of the country's most competitive grocery markets. High end are Central Market and Whole Foods. Discounter Aldi is new to the area. We do have many Sam's and Costcos.

The Cowboys Stadium in Arlington is not far from the Arlington Hospital District on Division.

Our malls are like any big city malls. Largest is Parks Mall in Arlington, then Northeast Shopping Mall, and then Hulen Mall although Hulen Blvd itself probably has the more retail stores than the others.
  • Fort Worth: University Park
  • Fort Worth: Montgomery Plaza
  • Fort Worth: Camp Bowie Blvd