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Food and Fort Worth reviews area restaurants, food merchants, events, entertainment, and just about anything going on in our fair burg.
It is also a place for me to drivel on about anything that crosses my mind unrelated to above.

A few ground rules about posts, advertising, comments, link sharing, and public relations relations:

1. Food and Fort Worth (FFW) does not accept compensation for posts.

2. FFW accepts press releases for upcoming events, store openings, and anything else related to food and entertainment in the Fort Worth area. Posts related to these announcements are done at our discretion. Actually, reading the announcements is done at our discretion, too.

3. FFW accepts an occasional invitation to an event or open house as long as a post is not required in exchange.

4. FFW accepts advertising from Google Ads and a few other businesses. The weekly income from these ads is not enough to buy a Senior's discount cup of coffee. There are no Google ads or paid links in the posts themselves. There is no compensation for any referral in the posts.

5. The opinions expressed here are our own. They are opinions. FFW makes every effort to be fair, even-handed, positive and even helpful to our local restaurants' success. If we have criticized your business and you would like us to return anonymously we will be happy to do so. Just ask.

6. Mean-spirited or offensive comments are deleted. If you do not like this blog, we do not care. It's free, stop visiting. Disagreement is encouraged as long as it is thoughtful. FFW reserves the right to delete any comment, at any time without any explanation. We no longer accept "Anonymous" comments.

7. FFW link shares with blogs that reciprocate.

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