Thursday, August 28, 2014

More Summer Talk: 50 years of the Cape May - Lewes Ferry



The Cape May-Lewes Ferry celebrates 50 years of service this year; fifty years moving passengers and vehicles across the Delaware Bay from Cape May, New Jersey  to Lewes, Delaware. By my calculation that puts the start date at 1964. I started riding the ferry in 1965. I was thirteen.

I recall the 1964 ferry as a big boat; thick sheet metal, half-dollar sized rivets, layers of paint and rust, and a diesel engine that you felt and heard and that shot a plume of black smoke into the summer sky (top picture). What kid could resist it?

The highlight of a ferry ride back then besides the joy of being at almost-open sea, was docking. It was there that the ship's size and weight was appreciated. As the ship docked it moved sideways until it hit the dozens of  telephone pole pilings, its mass bending the pilings back as it slipped and creaked along the wood. Today, ferry-goers ride in tonier ships (color photo) and docking is as smooth as silk. The the old telephone poles have been replaced with neatly fitted pilings with plasticized cushions.

My most vivid memory of Cape May-Lewes ferry travel was a summer day in 1965 when my buddy Billy Velvel and I hitchhiked the five or so miles from our home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware to Lewes, boarded the Ferry for a quarter, and then hitchhiked from Cape May up the Jersey coast to Wildwood. On this particular day the hitchhiking failed us on our return to Cape May and that last ferry ride home to Lewes.  We ran, hitchhiked, and ran some more hoping and praying that we we didn't miss the boat. There would be hell to pay with mom if we did because a). mom didn't know we were in New Jersey, and b). she or dad would have to make the four hour drive around the bay to pick us up.  Failure to make the return trip was certain death or worse. We made it with just seconds to spare.

I get to the beach these days once or twice a year to visit family and to enjoy all that is enjoyable about the eastern shore. And more often than not, I stop by and visit the ferry and every couple of years I take the trip from Lewes to Cape May and back. I'm never, ever disappointed.

Except at the end because the trip is over, and because I still want to see the old, creaky ferry crunch the old, creaky telephone poles the way it used to.


Francis Shivone said...

Ok So when are we going to delaware again ?

John said...

I've never been to Delaware or on a ferry. But it sounds fun.