Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sundance Square 2.0

Okay, it's not the Piazza Navona. But on a scale of 1 to 10 I'll put the new Sundance Square square at a 10.

Marian and I have been for several visits since it opened a few weeks ago and I have the same thought everytime, what a difference space makes to the downtown feel. This makes Fort Worth feel like a city instead of just buildings and streets.

Add the shops, dining, coffee, benches, fountains and some very attractice inverted umbrellas and I give the design and execution an A.

Another observation from a Friday night visit. Downtown was packed with diners, sightseers and shoppers, as in clothes shoppers, downtown, who would have thought that was possible twenty years ago?

Last year I commented on the sound of the vacuum sucking money from downtown to 7th Street -- this should help. Downtown has a solid convention business, especially post Omni, it draws local DFW visitors, and another segment not so widely recognized: vacationeers from Mexico shopping, dining and seeing the sights. It's safe, it's relatively inexpensive travel and Texas is Spanish-speaking friendly.  San Antonio is the number one USA destination from Mexico, number two is DFW especially when the Cowboys are playing.

Final thought: the number one location in Fort Worth for a drink and a quality hamburger, salad, or steak is the Del Frisco's Grill on the Square. Great seats inside and out, great food, and plenty of places to go after dinner.


John said...

Goes to prove that sometimes you miss things that are right in front of your face. Despite working just south of downtown I have yet to visit the new Sundance Square. As for Del Frisco's Grill, I've been waiting for the one up here in Southlake to open. But now you've given me a good idea about how to spend a nice Friday lunch.

Francis Shivone said...

John, it's worth a visit. After re-reading I think maybe I'm over-selling but, in my view it is a significant improvement to the feel of downtown. Once all the shops and restaurants are in it will only be better. And I have seen several instances of squares and promenades imposed on downtowns that don't work so I know it's not an automatic thing.
I don't think you can miss at Del Friscos Grill. Good food -- great location.