Monday, October 7, 2013

Magnolia Cheese Company

My wife and I happened upon Magnolia Cheese Company because Sunday morning was the first day since June-something that a body could take a walk without carrying half of Lake Whitney as a water supply. Like Alaskans who don't drive in extremely cold temperatures without blankets and such in the trunk of their car, we don't go anywhere in the summer without a mega-cup of ice and sweet tea.

But not Sunday morning. Since it was such a pleasant, sunny, and cool morning Marian and I decided to walk down Magnolia Avenue after mass at St. Mary's. Coffee was somewhere in our minds at the end and then we saw Magnolia Cheese Company. I had been meaning to stop in so we did.

What a treat.

Magnolia Cheese Company serves locally-made (Texas-wide I think) artisan cheeses in a cafe like setting. Coffee and tea are available, bottled waters, beer, wine, and a menu of sandwiches and other items all associated with their cheeses. We weren't ready for lunch so we ordered a "plank" of assorted local cheeses that comes with a few spreads like honey, plum jam, a reduced balsamic vinegar, and a little fruit. The bread is a baguette sliced very thin but perfect as a side for the cheese.

I'll comment on just one of the cheeses. I love blue cheese. The tangier the  better. The plank had a couple chunks of near perfect blue cheese. It really couldn't have been better. The plank was $16 and though it's not lunch for two it's a substantial serving of all the above.

When I return to Magnolia Cheese I'll try a sandwich.  I hope they do well, I plan to stop by frequently. Last thought: the coffee was hot, fresh, and very good. And served in a real white coffee-drinking mug.

More information is available on their website here: Magnolia Cheese Company.

(Okay, one very minor criticism unrelated to what a great place it is. I'm not a big fan of the tricked up website, which is what they have. The copy scrolls over stationary images, it's clever but disorienting and counter-productive, that is, it works against the user learning about the company and sales, imo . . )


John said...

I've always wanted to try this place. Thanks for reminding me why.

Francis Shivone said...

I liked it. The sandwiches looked good as well.