Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Italy Pasta and Pizza

My grandsons and I had a rainy-day Saturday lunch at the newly opened Italy Pasta and Pizza, 820 and John T. White. It's newly opened but not new in business,  Italy Pasta and Pizza has been operating  on Fort Worth's eastside for about 20 years and this is their third location.

They have just finished renovating and opening what was built as a Black Eyed Pea in the late 80's, now long gone, and which has been through several restaurant iterations since.

None of that is particularly important but what is important is that the pizza is very good. It's as good a New York thin-crust style you will find in Fort Worth.

I haven't tried anything else but the pizza is good enough for me to return soon.


John said...

Intriguing. Might have to jog south on 820 to check it out.

Also, perhaps instead of runny you meant rainy?

Francis Shivone said...

Rainy. Right, thanks.

It's not the more fashionable, and probably more Italian Neopolitan style, it's the cheesy, New York style...which I prefer.