Friday, April 26, 2013

Selling the sizzle...again.

One of the artforms of the times in which we live is advertising. Philosopher and social commentator Marshall McLuhan called advertising "the greatest art form of the twentieth century," and "the cave art of the twentieth century." These axioms reveal a subtle criticism and warning to our audio-video age even while recognizing advertising's influence.

But if you're going to do advertising and do it well one would be wise to learn from the masters, and one of them is Apple, or Apple's ad agency.

It's not easy to create a memorable ad but to create one that gets people to act, to actually go out and buy the product, as Apple does, again and again, is something to appreciate.

Here's their latest:

No mention is made of gigabytes, mps, or pixels.


John said...

I'll have to disagree with you. I find that ad to be as empty and flat as the dancing silhouettes in the their previous ads (with the earbud cords).

It says nothing, and its not pixels that are missing. It's a plea for attitude that leaves me cold.

It's not just Apple. Whomever at Microsoft approved those horrible TV commercials with people dancing and clicking their Surface tablets should be fired.

Francis Shivone said...

John, I defended my post in my first reply, now deleted. I get so few comments these days, all disagreements should be encouraged without me defending my position.

Hyperbole of the day (but I believe it): the earbuds silhouette ad may be the most consequential and income generating ad of the last 25 years.