Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ten things I would do if I were visiting Fort Worth for the Main Streets Arts Festival and I didn't live here already.

Bar at Capital Grille, Fort Worth

Okay, that's a long title, but you get the idea.

You may have other suggestions, as a matter of fact, I'm sure if you live in Fort Worth you'll have a different list, but if I was in town for just a couple days (and I didn't live here already) here's what I'd try to fit in.
  1. Attend something at Bass Hall.
  2. Go to the Kimbell to see Michelangelo and Bernini. Or the Modern. Both are considered, as is Bass Hall, some of the nation's finest.
  3. Eat lunch and browse at Central Market. Great place to stock up for the weekend. Good selection of beer, wine, breads, cheese, etc.
  4. Visit 7th Street for a walk, a drink, or dinner. I think everyone who has lived here for a while is surprised to see how 7th Street from Summit to University has exploded with restaurants, shops, apartments, bars, and shopping.  It's worth visiting.
  5. Rent a bike at Trinity Bicycles and ride along the river from University Park to around the old Cats baseball park and back. Once you get on the north side of Fort Worth it's a quiet, country ride.
  6. A healthy walk at the Botanical Gardens. The roses are blooming this time of year and the gardens are spring-green from the rain and warm weather.
  7. Walk Magnolia Street and pick a place for a meal or a drink. Magnolia Street has a more organic, less planned feel to it than 7th, and it is still developing with small family or privately owned businesses. It's still my favorite street in Fort Worth.  Ryan's Grocers, Lili's Bistro, Ellerbe Fine Foods, Nonna Tata, Benito's. All good.
  8. Grab a beer at the White Elephant on Saturday night and walk around the Stockyards. The White Elephant is a bar that doesn't pretend to be anything else. They serve beer and drinks and have live music and a small dance floor. Or it did. I haven't been in a few years. Esquire magazine places it in the top 100 bars in America which may mean it's now popular and not as good. 
  9. And last but not least downtown Fort Worth where Main Streets Arts Festival is held. Want a great steak? I like Capital Grille. 
  10. Enjoy the Main Street Arts Festival. One of this city's best annual events. 

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