Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fort Worth Bike Share. 300 Bikes, 28 Stations. Up and Rolling.

I participated in the Fort Worth Bike Share launch this last Earth Day, Monday, April 22. Yes, I said Earth Day, and yes, I was there with the green and environmentally conscious. And no I wasn't sporting a red bandana and rolling my own (not that there's anything wrong with that). I kept a more or less low profile.

I hear my libertarian/conservative friends snickering in the background. That's alright, I can take it. I'm still a card-carrying Republican, wary of government intervention, taxes, and handouts, but this, this is different, and what's a measly million dollar grant from the Fed's anyway? Besides, one of the great things about old age is not worrying about every activity in life being logically consistent with all the others.

This was an enjoyable kick-off. I like that the city is supporting and encouraging bike use, walking, and trolleys, and anything else to make Fort Worth a city that people actually live in and not just drive in and out of.

There were about 500 people at the launch including 300 volunteers like myself riding the bikes to their docking stations. I really enjoyed it. I hope it works and grows. And congratulations to the folks at the T for everything they did to make this happen. It's what makes Fort Worth a good place to live.

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Jennifer said...

This looks like such fun - I think one of the dancers from TBT is involved - or at least I heard about it from him, maybe?
Party lines need to be crossed - we need more pro-life Democrats and earth friendly Republicans or we'll never get anywhere.
So glad to see you back, btw.

Francis Shivone said...

Thanks Jenn, it was great.

Mumbles said...

It's a fabulous thing! DC is brimming with folks on "bikeshare" bikes, and I love it--can you imagine DC if all those people were in cars? Yikes! Like it isn't already a traffic disaster!