Thursday, March 14, 2013

Torchy's Tacos


I remember like it was yesterday going out to lunch with my father after he had retired and knowing that eventually he'd comment that everything seemed expensive. I'd say, "that's okay dad I'm buying" but that didn't really matter, the price of our lunch compared to the price he paid thirty years before was higher and, inflation or no inflation, everything to him was expensive.

Now as I near retirement, I'm beginning to think the same thing so keep that in mind as you read on.

My one man lunch at Torchy's was $11.24 no tip (you order from the counter). I had two egg tacos, a small bowl of chips and salsa, and a drink.

The tacos were good not great, the chips were below average, and the salsa was okay. So when I think of Torchy's I think, a cool, hip kind of place, pretty good food, but way too expensive.

Am I just getting old or what?

Torchy's Tacos
Northton St Fort Worth, TX 76104
(817) 289-8226



RJG said...

That's kind of a bummer. I haven't been yet, but I heard they have plans to open one up here in Southlake. I'll report back then!

I agree about the prices - so true. It was subtle, but prices have really gone up everywhere. I can remember getting full fast food meals for less than $3. Those days are pretty much over.

Francis Shivone said...

RJG: Thanks for the comments. I hope Ryan's can get the support they need. I should have had a beef taco to be fair which I hear are good.

John said...

Heck, I just spent $25 at Wendy's for 3 dinners. That's overpaying.

Francis Shivone said...

I'm with you, John.

Sunni R. said...

We tried Torchy's a couple of Fridays ago with my nephew and our two 7yr olds. We all liked it. I had Nick with me so I didn't see the final damage but judging from the prices on the board I thought it was pretty reasonable. So...yes, you're getting old? Hee hee!

Francis Shivone said...

Sunni, Your dad told me the same thing a few weeks ago at lunch.


I need to stick to the $1 tacos at the roadside stands. And Luby's 4PM early bird LuAnn specials. Things like that.