Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A look at Dallas' Hofmann Hots, Babb Bros BBQ, Trinity Groves, and Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

I like suspension bridges and I like re-developed neighborhoods. The old Trinity Groves neighborhood west of Dallas has both. An 80 acre block of this once-forgotten area of Dallas is being re-developed by a real-estate investment group. The new suspension bridge, courtesy of the city of Dallas, connects downtown and the Groves with function and beauty; calling it a bridge is like calling the Empire State Building a building.

Last week I decided to try the lunch fare at one of the new restaurants at Trinity Groves. I walked into Hofmann Hots at the lunch hour saw a 20 person line with one order-taker behind a cash register walked out and went next door to Babb Bros BBQ. Hofmann's would have to wait for another time.

At Babb Bros I had a well stacked and tasty sliced barbecue sandwich. Delicious. Babb's is a big place, 5,000 square feet, and by the looks of the pictures they are filling it.

Babb Bros BBQ

A few days later I was near the bridge heading back to Fort Worth about two in the afternoon and decided to check on Hofmann's again. Thankfully, no line. Hofmann's offers two kinds of franks, the Kielbasa and a German Frank both with assorted toppings and sides. I got the Kielbasa and roll with nothing added. The link is cooked while you wait so it's piping hot when served and it is good. The hot dog bun is a substantial roll unlike what you buy at the grocery store for the home cookout and I have to say the dog/bun combo is perfect.

At both Babb's and Hofmann's you'll spend about $10 for lunch if you get sides which I did not do at either place.

There are more restaurants and shops coming to Trinity Groves. And for those who follow the food and restaurant business, Phil Romano (Eatzi's, Macaroni Grill, etc) is a part of the development group and, most interestingly to me, the restaurant Group offers an "incubate program" for those who have an idea and are not ready or able to fund the idea or to sign long leases. You give up some of the profits and let them take some of the risk. Great idea.

Babb Bros. BBQ

Hofmann Hots menu 

Trinity Groves 


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