Sunday, January 27, 2013

Burrito Jimmy

I know the moniker "Burrito Jimmy" from sports radio station 1310 the Ticket, a radio station I shall add, that gave me  thousands of hours of entertainment as I drove my way around DFW for twenty years. Stand back Burrito is a phrase I will not soon forget.

Come to find out a couple years ago, again from listening to the Ticket, that there is a restaurant chain of the same name, and just a few weeks ago, through a Ticket radio ad, that they were in DFW.

Burrito Jimmy's is like Chipotle or Freebirds. A big tortilla wrapped around your choice of meats and fillings. Nothing new as far as that goes.There is an important difference though, at least for me.

I've had a problem with the big burrito concept from the start and isn't the taste or freshness or price. It's the same problem I had with Boston Chicken (back when it was pretty good and not Boston Market) and it's the same problem I have at restaurants that let your plate sit under the warmer bulbs while the waiter is in the back catching a smoke.

My problem is the dislike of food served lukewarm when it should be hot (or cold). So when the big burrito is prepared with meats kept barely warm by warming bays, and when my big burrito is sitting there waiting for its toppings while Mr. Numnuts in front of me decides whether he wants verde sauce or pico de gallo, the big burrito goes from warm to lukewarm to room temperature by the time I bite into it. So I don't care what quality meats you have or how fresh your tomatoes are if said burrito isn't hot it isn't good. In my humble opinion.

Burrito Jimmy's has a solution. After they prep the hot items they put the whole thing in a steamer and get it good and hot and then after you get your choice of vegetables and sauces they pour hot cheese sauce on it and it is good. Real good. Problem solved.

A big burrito was just under $7, add a drink and the total was under $9, and I was full-full. I liked it, I'll be back. Stand back Burrito.

Suggestion: turn volume down before clicking start arrow.


John said...

Next time you're up near DFW airport, checkout El Taco H on William D. Tate across from where the Silver Fox is and adajcent to Baja Grill. The original burrito (steak) is great. One of my boys always has the chicken torta. And my wife loves the Mexico City style soft chicken tacos. The salsas are great and run the gamut from tasty to spicy.

Francis Shivone said...

I know the area well although it's been years since I've been up there. I'm a big fan of the torta done right. I'll definitely stop by. Thanks.