Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A pretty-smart phone

I bought a smart phone yesterday, or, as I say above, a pretty-smart phone. I would have bought a really-smart phone but I just can not justify spending $100+ per month to make phone calls and send a text message or two every week.

I have been using a normal phone-calls-only phone forever and a couple years ago signed up for the MetroPCS $35 worst-service-in-America deal. MetroPCS is (deservedly) the Rodney Dangerfield of phone companies but what do you want at that price.

But to the smart phone. Saturday night I couldn't find my phone and after searching into the night I gave up looking figuring it was outside in the dark somewhere with a dead battery. Sunday morning, in my car about one mile out of my driveway and at 40 MPH, I heard something roll off the roof and, through the rearview mirror, saw a little black dot hit the pavement and splatter. Phone found. On Monday, I rolled into the local MetroPCS gave the brother handshake and asked to see the advertised $40 a month deal with a $99 smart phone: the Huawei Activa running Google's Gingerbread OS.

Smart phone conclusion: the more made-up words in a title the worse the product. For instance, words like "Activa" and "Gingerbread" actually mean "this is not an iPhone so don't expect too much." "Huawei" is Chinese for "cheap as sh**."

And there you have it. A pretty good, pretty smart phone. Actually, I kind of like it.


John said...

You've reminded me that I've been sitting on a draft post from over a year ago when I upgraded from my dumb phone to an iPhone.

Francis Shivone said...

You gotta love the iPhone. I'd like to see the post.

Mumbles said...

Just upgraded to a Razr Droid, which is a pretty, BIG phone, but I'm not sure how good it is. It'd be PRETTY good if the battery had even half a life to it.

I enjoyed reading--sorry about your misfortune, congrats on your "pretty-smart" phone!