Monday, August 29, 2011

Cool, Clear Water.


Lynn said...

This reminds me of a family story. When my sister was in her early teens, before I was born, the family took a trip to visit relatives. It was hot. She was thirsty. This was before cars had air conditioning. Either she had not wanted something to drink when they stopped for gas, or she was thirsty again. My father, a very kind but somewhat single-minded man, did not want to stop so soon. She asked politely. He politely refused. So she started singing about crossing the barren waste without a taste of water, cool, clear water. She sang until my mother started laughing. Dad pulled over in the next town. She got her drink. [Word verification is 'flevivel': a family reunion for jumping, biting insects?]

Francis Shivone said...

Thank you for commenting, Lynn, I hear we are going to get some cooler weather.

And I remember well cars and houses with no A/C. No seatbelts either.