Friday, July 8, 2011

Technomics Top 50 Fastest Growing Restaurants.

Preface: I saw the link for the Technomics list on Bud Kennedy's (Fort Worth Star Telegram journalist)  Facebook post. He saw the list on Monkey Dish and they pulled it from research by Technomics. I have those links at the bottom of the post.

Also, after reading the list I should say: I need to get out more often. Of the 50 fastest growing restaurants which have annual sales of  25 - 50 million dollars, I have been to a whopping 9.

The restaurants I have visited from the 50 Fastest Growing Restaurants: (and my one word opinion following) are:
  • Chop House . . . . Great
  • El Fenix . . . . Bad
  • Fuzzy's Tacos  . . . . Okay
  • Menchies Frozen Yogurt . . . .  Good
  • Capriatti's . . . . Okay
  • Zoe's Kitchen . . . Good
  • 221B Baker Street Pub & Grill . . . . Okay
  • Rosa's Cafe . . . . Okay
  • American Deli . . . . Okay
Also in the DFW area but places I have not been:
  • Twin Peaks. . . . Like I say I definitely need to get out more often
  • Tommy Bahama.
The question is:  How many have you tried? And, are ther any that you particulaly like or dislike?

See link for list: MonkeyDish

Bud Kennedy


John said...

I've been to:

#12 Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers (preferred over Steak and Shake)

#19 Baker Street Grill and Pub (was there for happy hour once, looked like a Bennigans - and that's not good)

#22 Fuzzy's (not a fan)

#28 El Fenix (if you want your Tex Mex fast and cheap)

So that's 3. (I won't count Baker Street). More importantly, I didn't recognize the vast majority of those names.

But I have heard that Twin Peaks is quite nice.

Francis Shivone said...

I'll look for a Freddy's. I'm with you on Baker's. I don't get the appeal of El Fenix, although I have heard the original Dallas location was good.


Tom said...

Hi Francis,

Long time. Hope all is well. The RJG here.

Yea, another thumbs up for #12, Freddy's. Excellent burger chain, that even has a burger to compete with In-N-Out (California Burger). Have a write-up in my blog as well.

#22 Fuzzy's. My first experience was the NRH store, followed by the one in Southlake. The latter is definitely better. I'm really loving it. I was telling an old friend, who once owned a chain of Taco Bell's, that I think Fuzzy's is the next big thing. Here in Denver, for example, all we have is Wazoo's - and Fuzzy's is far better than that. Great beer. Great fish and chicken tacos. Maybe best of all, great salsas!

#26 Larry's Giant Subs. Had once in Savannah, Georgia (2006). My notes: "Better than average hot subs - great flavor!. Based in Jacksonville, FL". Need to try again before I can vouch further.

#28 El Fenix. I have to defend the old warrior. Love the hot sauce with the chips - and their chipotle enchiladas are very good. How they made a list for Top 50 up and comers, I don't get (are they even outside of DFW?) Anyway, I used to frequent the NW Dallas location (Forest Lane) that has been there at least over 40 years. Maybe the newer locations aren't up to snuff.

#27 Oops, skipped this. Egg & I. They're pretty big here in Denver (I think they're from Minneapolis). Anyway, a nothing special breakfast place.

#33 Cadillac Ranch. There's one in Las Colinas I need to try.

#41. I'm always up for Twin Peaks (wink). Just need to get there. Mrs. RJG is cool with places like this too.

#45 Rosa's Cafe. No thanks. Weak fast food Mexican. Good salsas though. They mix potatoes in the meat. More authentic? Yes. Cheaper to make? Oh yea. Like those hotels that ask you to recycle your towels because they care about the environment. Yea, right.

#46 Taqueria Arandas. Huge down in Houston. Whatever. Just about any street taco stand will beat this place out.

#47 Z'Tejas. Been years, but a very good upscale Mexican chain. Used to have in Denver before they closed (and this was 10 years ago). I'm thinking their day has come and gone.


Francis Shivone said...

RJG --

I think some places are part of the scenery where locals have just developed a taste for. I put El Fenix in that category, although to be honest I haven't been to one in 20 years. But my friends from DFW always talk about the original one in Dallas. Until a few years ago I put the El Chico at 820 and Pipeline(?) in the same category. One sign of this in my observation is waiter stability.

I have been to Rosa's a couple times. I agree. Weak.

I have been to Fuzzy's twice. People I trust tell me my non-plussed attitude is wrong. I need to try to either the Southlake or the NRH store.

I'll be looking for Freddy's, thanks.

Always good to hear from you.