Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stewart's Root Beer Drive-In, Vineland NJ.

I have been in Philadelphia for the last few days, and yesterday, needed to visit my brother in Vineland, New Jersey.

Every once in a while the food gods smile upon us when we are visiting foreign lands and looking for a place to eat. Such was the case with Stewarts Root Beer Drive-In. Since root beer is my soda-fountain beverage of choice and Stewart's is a good one,  I tried it.

The lunch special was a Polish sausage sandwich served on a bun with provolone cheese and fried peppers and onions. It sounded perfect. I added french fries on the side and a big glass mug of root beer. Service was car window on a tray style. It was perfect.

The sandwich was piping hot, the fries crisp and the root beer ice cold. I had died and gone to heaven.

Stewart's, please expand into Fort Worth. I hear there's a great spot right next to the In N Out Burger.



Anonymous said...

My husband grew up in that area. I'll have to ask him if he's been there.

Francis Shivone said...

Jennifer -- it looked like it had been there a while, my guess is, he has.

John said...

Thank you for making me incredibly hungry. Whatever I have for lunch will now taste different.

In the same "visiting someone and had something good to eat" category, I recently returned from visiting my brother in Cincinnati and had the pleasure of introducing Skyline Chili to my son. Excellent. Chili 3-way and two cheese coneys (mustard, no onion).

Francis Shivone said...

John -- I wasn't exaggerating. It was great.

I have heard of Skyline Chili but have never been. I think I saw it featured on a Food Network show.