Sunday, June 19, 2011

A few thoughts from Target. And hangers, the plastic white ones.

We had just finished an enjoyable meal at Pei Wei on Montgomery and Marian said, "I wouldn't mind stopping by Target," to which I replied as I normally do, "no problem."

It was 125 this summer night so instead of waiting and reading in the car, again as I normally do, I attended.

After a few minutes in-Target-aisle the wife noticed the life forces draining from my face and decided to part ways abandoning me to the only aisle I understand at Target, the cereal aisle. Five minutes walking Target aisles and I am hating life, ten minutes the life force is almost gone, and after fifteen minutes you need one of those two-handed emergency-room shockers to revive me.

Getting near that end and at yellow warning stage I returned to the homing point of mega-marts, the check out lines, with a couple boxes of cereal hoping to see Marian, which I did, carrying two bunches of white hangers, a dozen per bunch.

Like much of what I say, none of this is necessarily that interesting but not one month before she had bought two big boxes of those same white hangers, about 100 of them.

"More hangers?" I gingerly inquired. "Yes, I have a few things needing them," said she, and I wisely left it there.

But I was puzzled, (a) because we had just bought 100 and (b) because I have never bought a hanger in my life.


I have some good ones from a suit or sports jacket I purchased, and some workhorses like the kind the cleaners give you. Why do I need more? I'm certainly not going to pay for matching hangers. I like the non-matching free ones.

Then again, I prefer hooks to hang my clothes on. Door nobs work well, too, as do chair backs, and doors that are open . . . none of which need to be purchased at Target.



ascozyasspring said...

So funny. 1) I LOVE Target. It's second only to church as a place that brings me peace because it provides almost everything I need to care for my family. 2) I was there yesterday buying plastic white hangers! I always run out whilst ironing my husband's clothing.

Lynn said...

You're married, so you don't have a "fallow" side of the bed. It works well, too, especially for broomstick skirts, which are *supposed* to be wrinkled. [Yes, I have hangers, and I use them. Typically to hang up the stuff that's supposed to air-dry after you wash it. Because everything else is either in the "clean enough to wear a second time" pile, or in the laundry bag

John said...

I visit Target virtually every Saturday as part of my normal round of errands. Always something to get - soda, toiletries, greeting cards, light bulbs - something. I just wish they'd open more express lanes early on Saturdays.

As for hangers, we have 'em. I just don't recall where they all came from. But you gotta get new ones every once in a while. Don't you hate when those plastic hangers get all droopy in the middle and your jeans slide all over?

I must confess, my shorts are also on hangers.

I'll go now.

Francis Shivone said...

Jenn, Lynn and John -- thanks for the comments.

Target and the mega-stores ARE a power-drain for me. Part of that is old age. I'm still not sure why we need socks in colors besides white, black and brown, so the variety in the toothpaste department is just more stimulus than my mind can take.

Anyway, I enjoy reading all of your thoughts.