Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Trader Joe's coming to town?

Word is grocer, Trader Joe's is coming to DFW.

As far as I have been able to tell it's just the D and not the FW. If you know differently let me know.

We shopped at Trader Joe's several times a week during our two year stay in Philadelphia. Trader Joe's is kind of a smaller, discount Whole Foods with tatts. Body markings, as well as ear, nose, and tongue jewelry were employee de rigueur. I am fairly certain I was the only Republican in the store at any given time.

But as non-hip as I am, I liked it. The prices are great and some items like the big bars of chocolate, the coffee, and the peanuts-only peanut butter are very good and inexpensive.

I hope they make it to Fort Worth.



Anonymous said...

All I hear about from my sisters is Trader Joe's this and that. I've only been once, but it seemed like a nice place. I could see shopping there, but probably wouldn't make the trip to Dallas to do so.

Jocelyn Reese said...

I love Trader Joe's! Great prices on wine too.