Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Visitor's Guide to the Main Street Arts Festival, 2011.

Glass from Renee & James Engebretson
Fort Worth's, Main Street Arts Festival has grown to be one of our fair burg's signature annual events. And on opening day, April 14, it will proudly begin its 26th year.

Fort Worth hosts other well-attended events. Some are older, such as, the Stock Show, some more international, such as, the Van Cliburn Piano Competition, but in my mind, none more fitting and beneficial to the immediate downtown area than the Main Street Arts Festival. It symbolizes, at least to me, downtown's change for better in the last twenty-five years.

The Main Street Arts Festival is the sixth largest in the nation featuring over 200 booths out of 1,500 applicants; painting, glass, ceramics, wood, and other mediums from some of the world's best artists and craftsmen.

But, as I say every year, this is a food blog.

So, I should also mention that Main Street Arts also has become an event that draws people for the entertainment and the food. The Festival has the standard hot dog/cotton-candy type booths, but also has dozens of local restaurants selling select items from their menu, and specialty food sellers like Lone Star Roasted Nuts and Schmidt's bratwurst.

Times Ten Cellars is returning with their wine tasting party -- and at $35 it's worth considering. They sold out last year, so if you are interested, buy a ticket now.

Below are links to the culinary world at Main Street:
  • Food and Restaurants: Here
  • Times Ten Wine Tasting: Here
  • Beer and other adult beverages: Here
April 14 - 17, 2011
10 AM -- 10 PM



Lynn said...

Can't wait! It's my birthday weekend, and I plan on buying myself a little treat. I just wish they held it one week later every year, because I get my bonus one week *after* the Festival, and there is a print I've had my eye on for two years now. I could support more artists if I had more money. Most years I just collect business cards and bookmark their websites.

Francis Shivone said...

Lynn -- likewise, we have, in more flush years, made some great purchases at Main Street.