Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spend a buck at Redbox. Watch: Waiting for Superman.

I get my best video watching advice from my children. Everything from Alias to 24 to Man vs. Wild came from my kids' suggestions. Last night we watched, after a suggestion from Stephen, the documentary, Waiting for Superman.

Waiting For Superman is both a critique of our public education system and a presentation of some practical solutions. It is not a philosophical treatise on education. It is not politically oriented, unless you consider its excoriation of some school board bureaucracies and teacher's unions a political statement. The ax WFS has to grind is the reality that children are going down in flames while adults fiddle.

And they make their point clearly and repeatedly. There's little equivocation in this documentary. You will agree or disagree, but you won't have any doubt of their viewpoint.

It is a disturbing documentary sometimes, oftentimes, and occasionally inspirational, but Waiting also presents very practical, sensible ideas of what is working in some of the worst performing school districts in the nation.

It's worth watching. I appreciate the suggestion.



Sunni R. said...

I haven't watched the film yet but read the book last month. Very thought provoking and timely for us as our boys start Kindergarten in the fall.

Francis Shivone said...

Sunni -- I'm sure the book is as gripping as the documentary. Most interesting to me, which I forgot to mention, was the demand and waiting lists for the better performing schools.