Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sammie's Bar-B-Q. Haltom City.

I have mixed feelings about Sammie's Bar-B-Que in Haltom City.

I say that because as much as I liked the taste of the smoky, sliced-beef brisket, it was on the dry side; as if it had been over-cooked, or had sat in a warmer too long. Or maybe Sammie just likes his brisket extra lean. Same with the chicken. It was smoked the old fashioned way, and tasty, but again, way too dry.

Marian and I ordered two dinner plates, one sliced beef and the other, all white-meat, chicken breast. I have no complaints about the portions, they were more than expected. But the sides weren't anything to write home about, either. The barbecue sauce served on the side was excellent.

Also on the plus side, I just liked the place. Sammie's is an authentic Texas barbecue joint with a comfortable atmosphere that suits the food. There is a bar attached to the restaurant that was well-attended. It's a hometown, friendly crowd.

We sat on the picnic tables, outside, a very pleasant setting.

I probably need to go back again during the lunch hour when it's busier and maybe when the meats are a little closer to "just out of the smoker." But for now, I still prefer Angelo's, or my current favorite, Wilson's in Meadowbrook.


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