Monday, March 28, 2011

It's springtime, and that means . . .

Baseball. . . the great game.
At some point, every spring, when the heat rises to a certain level, and the smell of a freshly mown lawn blows my way, I think of baseball. That warm weather game of hope and skill and strategy and luck and endurance.

The game of failure.

The slow moving game interrupted with excitement -- like life itself.

I think of beer and hot dogs and mustard and peanuts. Of Col'beer here, Cooolers, and Hotdaaaawwgs, as the concessionaires used to say.

I think of the sound of a wood bat cracking a leather-skinned ball and seeing that connection before hearing it. I think of handsome Johnny Callison, Cookie Rojas, Tony Taylor, Richie Ashburn, Pete Incaviglia, Nolan Ryan, and "Julio-Julio" being sung-out from the stands. And Charlie Hough catching a smoke between innings back when an older pitcher could do such things.

I think of the red-capped Phillies, and Connie Mack stadium. I think of Willie Mays, the Say-Hey kid, and basket catches.

When summer hits, and the air is still, I'll hear a distant radio and a baritone-voiced announcer calling the game, and I will think of the nights at the ballpark with my family watching the Texas Rangers. And Pony League games, and hitting ground balls to the boys in the front yard, and . . .

Well, there's just no end to the good baseball memories.
Texas Ranger's first game is Friday, April 1. Fort Worth Cats first game is Monday, May 9. Due to popular demand, Kincaid's is back selling hamburgers at the Cats' games this year.
First posted 2009. Revised.



Lynn said...

And I, the Anti-Sports, will be at one of those games, taking the new guy, who loves the game. My first major-league game, ever. [Yeah, I like him that much.]

Word verification is "meness", as in I am a meness to society.

Food and Travel Blog said...

I love this post ... and now I really can't wait for summer. Baseball is the only sport where I sit still and watch the game. It also feels so American with the fireworks, old baseball chants and grilled hotdogs. Thanks for sharing.

Francis Shivone said...

Lynn -- no place better to go than a baseball game. Who knows you might even start drinking beer. :)

Oh, and you should know that local baseball fans call our ballpark, the Temple.

Jo - thanks. Yes, great game is America at its finest.

Doug said...

And do not forget the local 2010 College World Series participanting purple-clad college team. They've been playing since February and, while the bats are metal, the game is the same. They're so close you can walk or ride your bike to the game.

Francis Shivone said...

Doug -- thanks for the reminder. And what a great place to watch a game. Fort Worth has the Cats, TCU, and the Texas Rangers. Thanks.