Monday, March 7, 2011

In-N-Out Burger according to D Magazine.

Before long North Texas will have its first In-N-Out Burger.

In-N-Out triple cheeseburger and fries
A couple weeks ago, D Magazine ran a piece worth reading for In-N-Out enthusiasts and for hamburger lovers in general (thanks, Travis for the link).

Writer, Nancy Luna, covered the food industry in Southern California and she provides some interesting history of the fast-food business.

For instance, In-N-Out took a different path than the other hamburger enterprises that got their start in Southern California. McDonald's being the biggest. They don't franchise, they're still privately held, and the burgers are still made to order from fresh ingredients. That kind of commitment to controlled growth builds a strong customer base.

From the D Magazine article,
It’s the kind of loyalty that Burger King and McDonald’s will never have. While most fast-food chains live and die by limited-time menu creations, discounting, and coupons, In-N-Out never resorts to those gimmicks. Other than combo meals, the most expensive single item sold on the menu is $3.05. It sells burgers, fries, sodas, and shakes. Nothing else. No onion rings. No salads. No chicken sandwiches. Not even a hot dog. The most recent change to the menu, made a decade ago, was the addition of lemonade. 
The Double-Double (two patties, two slices of American cheese) remains the chain’s most popular item. But it’s rare to find any two customers who order the same meal. . . burgers with names such as Animal Style, Protein Style, Flying Dutchman, 3x3, and 4x4 are celebrated underground requests never seen on the menu.  
Nancy Luna, D Magazine, February 23, 2011For the complete article in D Magazine go here.
I have never been to an In-N-Out, enthusiasts speak very highly of their fresh beef, never frozen hamburger, and I can't wait to try one.

In our area, Fort Worth will get an In-N-Out Burger on 7th, and Hurst, on Airport Freeway.



John said...

We get TWO? I hadn't heard about the one on Hurst. That should be much more convenient for a suburbanite like me.

I ate at one in Tucson once and don't recall being blown away by the burger. But I'm definitely willing to give it another shot.

If only I could handle the ordering. Definitely not in the drive-thru.

Francis Shivone said...

John -- They have a great story and loyal followers. I've never been. I just enjoy all the hoopla.

Derek said...

I'm glad we are getting a couple around here, but not really a huge fan of theirs. If I had a choice 5 guys is still my favorite, but then again I haven't had red meat in a couple of months.

Francis Shivone said...

Note to readers, especially runners: For a look inside the world of running Marathons -- plus 10 or 20 miles -- see Derek's blog. Good reading.