Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DFW gets a mention in Time Magazine's, 10 Ideas That Will Change the World

I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for lists.

So when I saw the link for Time Magazines10 Ideas That Will Change the World, I bit. The list is a kind of upbeat take on current trends, and each of the ten is written by a specialist in his field. There are the expected items, such as, Sweet Bird of Youth, The Case for Optimism, and the unexpected, Why Afghanistan is Far from Hopeless. And the predictable, such as, Twitter and Facebook are changing the way we live.

One hopeful item was that the US deficit can be resolved without ruining all of our lives. It may be a little too optimistic, but in general, I agree.

Beijing Capital International
DFW received a good report in the item, Think of Your Airport as a City but Nicer. The author had attended a weekend conference at DFW and he and the other conferencees never left the Airport area. Airports today not only have hotels, but malls, golf courses (DFW) and the usual assortment of restaurant and bars. And jobs: there 400,000 jobs in a 5 mile radius around DFW.

In the same article, the Dallas-Fort Worth area was recognized as the fastest growing metro area in the USA. Current population: 6 million.

One other world changing prediction: your job is going to China or India, and, also, your paycheck will be coming from a company based in one of those two countries. China and India are growing at breakneck speeds with no slow-down in sight. China is more widely known for its growth but many futurists expect India to surpass China. India's population will surpass China's at current rates of growth. China's population growth is controlled by the Orwellian one-child per couple policy.

Time Magazine's, 10 Ideas That Will Change the World. Link here.



John said...

After writing a comment that was several paragraphs long I deleted it. My dislike of Time magazine might have been mistaken for dislike of your post.

I'm glad that DFW (the region, not the airport) got some positive (or at least non-negative) press.

But Time magazine's upbeat articles are even more vapid than their normal crap.

Tonight's dinner was Wendy's and there's a bad Steven Segeal movie on in the background so maybe I'm just in a bad mood.

Francis Shivone said...

Thanks John, I don't care for Time either, but I do like lists.

I can't say I've seen a good Segal movie.

I found the Saturday WSJ so I was working the puzzle while pretending to watch a way too feminine movie with my wife.