Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jersey Mike's on Hulen.

Yesterday, I stopped by Jersey Mike's to try their Philly cheesesteak. I have Jersey/Philly street cred, having lived in both places, so keep in mind, I'm picky.

Conclusion: Just decent. 6 of 10.

Jersey Mike's is a 500 location company; it's not some guy who just moved to Texas with a passion for cheesesteaks. And a company of that size has to make some compromises in the price/quality equation.

Here's my opinion on their approach:
  • The steak is authentic "chip steak" as used in Philly.
  • The steak portion of the sandwich is on the light side. The cheese flavor overwhelmed the overall taste.
  • The cheese itself is American (I think). And American cheese is what? Not much. I prefer provolone. I wasn't offered an option.
  • Sandwich could have had twice the amount of fried peppers and onions.
  • The roll is big, fluffy white bread. I prefer a denser roll with a slight bit of crust.
I'm not trying to be a cheesesteak snob. Jersey Mike's is a decent, if pretty generic, cheesesteak but I'm not putting an "authentic Philly" seal on it. 

Jersey Mike's is next door to Five Guys Hamburgers on Hulen south of I-20. 

Website: Jersey Mike's.



John said...

The obvious question is, where's the best place to get the most authentic cheese steak in Fort Worth?

Francis Shivone said...

You're right, John, that is the question. I didn't address it because I do not know the answer.

These days, it's not automatic that you get a good one in Philly. The big ones, Geno's and Pats are not that good -- but the real thing is a treat.

DiCostanzas is as good as you will get -- but it's between Wilmington and Philly. My comments on them:

Francis Shivone said...

Michael Bourgon said...

John, people swear by Billadelphia. If that's what's considered authentic, though, then I'll take inauthentic any day. Could've been great, but mostly tasted like Hamburger Helper.

Francis Shivone said...

Michael, I don't like to come off as cheesesteak bully, but Billadelphia is not much better.

I like the owner and I'm impressed with the business he has built, but it ain't what you get at a good deli in PHL or nearby.

Now I do love the TastyKake sold at Billadelphia.

John said...

I remember your review of DiCostanzas and hope to eventually have a chance to try it. In the meantime, a nice place for a cheese steak down here would be a good find.

I think I had a sandwich from Billadelphia in Bedford when we (Grapevine) had a game vs. L.D. Bell.

The search continues.