Monday, February 21, 2011

Foods I don't get. Part 2.

1. Overcooked, boiled vegetables. Can someone tell me what is enticing about cooking sliced carrots until they have no flavor and have the consistency of baby food? Same with any other vegetable.

2. Pho. The name itself puts me off for some reason, maybe because it's pronounced faux, as in fake, as in not really good food. Yes, I have tried it. My daughter likes it as do other people I know. I just don't get the rice noodle.

3. Rice pudding. Can we talk? Anything that looks as nasty as rice pudding or its cousin tapioca can not taste good. I don't care how you trick it up.

And the worst of them all one more time: chicken pot pie -- yes, I have talked about this before but I have to bring it up again because my wife just heated one up and I took a look inside. Gooey substance, green peas, carrots and an occasional piece of overcooked chicken. Unless I'm starving on some deserted island, there is no way I'm eating that.



Jennifer said...

I'm with you on the cooked veggies and rice pudding. I heard CM's chicken pot pie is good, but I've not had it yet. I can't imagine it's worth the calories.

Anonymous said...

Saying you don't like Pho illicits the same reaction in me as saying you don't like pizza or the blues. You're writing off a category of items with such a huge variability that it is very possible that you havn't had "the one" yet. When you do, I promise you'll redact that statement.

And...It's pronounced fÉ™᷉, like the beginning of the word function. People only pronounce it faux to make that same joke.

Thomas said...

First of all I hate boiled carrots. Secondly saying you don't like pizza or the blues is a much more ridiculous statement however as they've been famous items in the human diet or culture for a very long time(particularly the American one) I can say with 100% confidence that I've never asked a friend what they'd like to eat and they answered Pho. I've never had THE pizza and I still love it even if it's a 6 dollars Domino's pizza. I imagine 6 dollar..Pho to be uneatable.

Lynn said...

With you on the overcooked vegetables and the rice noodles, though I liked the overall flavor of the pho I ate (very fresh-tasting and light). Not with you on the rice pudding or the tapioca or the chicken pot pie. (You never had my grandmother's chicken pot pie, and KFC used to make a respectable one.) When they are good, they are filling and substantial and near the pinnacle of this woman's comfort-food list. But it's fine with me if you don't like them; I'll just eat your share, fair enough?

Francis Shivone said...

Anonymous -- illicits? You mean elicits?

Redact? You mean retract? I don't think a statement can be edited (redact). Maybe a sentence could be. But if I came to agree with you, I wouldn't redact the sentence, I would just admit I was wrong -- which I am not going to do. Thanks anyway.

Jenn -- I have heard that too -- but I'm not believing it. :)

Thomas -- thanks, of course, I agree.

Lynn -- The "more for me" is pretty much what Marian says. And I get that. Thanks.


In general, my weak attempts at humor are an "exaggerated self," and are really not to be taken literally. I actually think Pho might, under certain conditions, be pretty good -- like if it was pasta fagioli. :)

John said...

I know where you're coming from. Boiled veggies might as well be tossed directly into the trash. Chicken pot pie has the potential to be good and some I've eaten have shown glimmers of that promise.

For me it's quiche. Holy crap, who came up with that monstrosity?

Oh, and lobster and clams taste the same to me. So I don't even bother.

Francis Shivone said...

John -- Okay, I hate to admit it but I like quiche.

Being an eastern seaboard guy, hard shell crabs were a must for the summer time. And cold beer. Love oysters on the half shell. With cold beer.

Except I can't have the beer anymore. So it's just not the same.