Monday, January 24, 2011

Super Bowl XLV. A Few Random Thoughts.

Super Bowl XLV at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, on February 6, in Arlington, Texas will be the biggest sporting event in the country in the year 2011. That's saying something. Super Bowl numbers are staggering: the number of people watching, the number of pizzas consumed, rooms and cars rented, the list is endless.

In the video, they say that 150,000 people will be visiting North Texas Super Bowl weekend. I hope they all feel welcome and that North Texas looks good.

We have no single-ticket draw here. No mountains, beaches, or slot machines. No French Quarter, or Colosseum, or natural wonders of the world. We do have amenities that match nearly every city in the nation. Great restaurants, hotels, parks, lakes, rivers and the like. And lots of wide open space.

In many ways, I think Fort Worth has more to offer SuperBowl visitors than Dallas, even though it is smaller in scope. Fort Worth has a model downtown with plenty to do and see. Traffic is a little lighter, it's closer to the Stadium and it's not quite as overwhelming as Dallas. Plus, it has an authentic western quality to it. We like the nickname, Cowtown.

I know many people are opposed to the intrusiveness of events like this and maybe the cost is a little daunting. But in my mind, the end does justify the means. The benefits are not just the immediate monetary bump, but the exposure that brings people and businesses back for years to come. Billions of people watch the Super Bowl on TV and they all will be seeing the mural at Sundance Square as ESPN plays SuperBowl host. We couldn't get that kind of exposure with twenty years worth of advertising.

I love the Super Bowl being right next door to me. Love it. And anything I can do to make it come off a success I will.

Oh, and Jerry, have your people call my people. I might have time to stop by your luxury suite on Sunday.


John said...

Fran, I agree - the SB will be good for FW. I just don't plan on going anywhere near downtown all that week. And Jerry don't need no more dollars.

Go Pack. (That's the CLE boy in me speaking.)

Francis Shivone said...

I'm pulling for the Pack as well. I'm going to ride my bike downtown Saturday and see how close I can get to the action.

Lynn said...

The guy I'm seeing is a Packers fan. He is over the moon.

I don't like football. I don't like the stadium. I don't like the fact that people's homes were torn down to build that temple to Mammon.

And I definitely don't like the idea of an extra 150,000 people clogging up my commute next week. It was bad enough during the Series last fall.

I do hope that the local businesses prosper. I have friends who will be participating in a craft fair, and I hope they, in particular, do well.

And I agree that the publicity for Fort Worth is priceless. I just hope everybody doesn't come back all at once.

While you are trying to get as close to the fun and games as possible, I shall be figuring out how much earlier I need to leave the house in order to get to work on time, and how much later I should stay in order to get home before midnight.

Jake Good said...

I'm a born and bred Packers fan... so this is doubly exciting for me.

We've been looking into tickets, yes they are astronomical ($3000 minimum right now) but it would be worth it...

This will be a good thing for Fort Worth. People will be drawn to Fort Worth more than Dallas because ESPN will be setup in Sundance Square. Easy peasy.

Now, if only we had a light rail... oh wait...

Francis Shivone said...

Jake -- good luck Sunday, week. As to the 3000 dollar tickets... consider it an investment :)

Lynn -- I had a feeling you might feel that way. BTW I can't find the name of that hamburger place in Arlington, would you give it to me again?

Lynn said...

Hamburger place: Chop House Burgers, on Park Row, just west of Fielder, across from Arlington Hardware. Save room for a slice of Sawdust Pie, or take some home.

Francis Shivone said...

Lynn -- Grazie.