Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sprouts Farmers Market. New in Fort Worth. Opening Wednesday.

Remind me never to go into the grocery business.

I'm serious.

The competition begins with the old-line Albertson/Kroger/TomThumb stores, and is followed by Walmart and Target super stores, Sam's and Costco bulk-discount stores, plus, Whole Foods and Central Market on the high end, and Aldi, Trader Joe's, and a cast of thousands on the low end. It's a tough world for selling a can of beans these days.

Entering this not-so-friendly fray: Sprouts Farmers Markets.

Spouts fresh produce department
Sprouts is a grocery store devoted to fresh foods, some local, some organic, but not solely so, and healthy-living products, like vitamins, supplements and skin care products.

I visited my first Sprouts store Saturday, at the Hulen and I-20 store's pre-open. I liked it and for what my opinion is worth, I think they will do well in Fort Worth. Healthy living and environmentally safe products are the new normal. And the lower prices at Sprouts makes shopping there very attractive.

Sprouts has a meat department with some grass-fed beef selections, a fish department, a bakery, fresh produce, and two hundred bins of fresh nuts, grains, beans, chocolates, etc. They also have their own private-label products, peanut butter and spaghetti sauce are two that I saw as I walked around. And they have special sale days every Wednesday. I noticed raw almonds for $3.99 a pound, on sale, and granola for $1 a pound, again on sale. Coffee beans normally at $8.99 a pound on sale days will be $5.99 a pound when they are on sale.

Final somewhat random observation: the store seems more set-up for the female shopper than your average grocery store. I don't know if that is the intentional vibe or just my reaction from shopping at Home Depot too much lately.

Anyway, Sprouts' stores are in four states and based in Phoenix, Arizona. They currently have fifty stores, this is the first in Fort Worth. There are four in Austin (weird). They are a privately held corporation.

To the folks at Sprouts Farmers Markets --- welcome to Fort Worth.
Store Details
Opening day: Wednesday, January 26. (Special prizes for first 500 visitors)
Website: Sprouts
4650 SW Loop 820
(NW corner of I-20 and Hulen the old Albertson's)
Fort Worth, TX

Disclosure: at the end of the tour I was given a "thank-you" tote-bag with a few treats like berries, puffed rice chips and lotion samples. It was thoughtful and appropriate.



Tara said...

I LOVE Sprouts! We go to the Southlake location once every couple of weeks. They have great prices on produce--many times cheaper than Walmart and their bulk prices are so much cheaper than Central Market. It's great to hear there is another location in the Fort Worth area.

Lynn said...

This is great news. I've never been to Sprouts, but the new one is on the way to my kids' house, and also convenient to other shops which get what I laughingly call my discretionary income. (Maybe I will now have more of that?) I will definitely check it out later this week.

John said...

I've also heard good things about the Sprouts in Southlake - a friend shops there religiously. They say the meat is very good. I was there once but I'm not a good grocery shopper.

P.S. Don't forget Market Street in Colleyville. It's in the Central Market tier. My oldest worked there as a sacker and checker for a couple years.

Francis Shivone said...

Tara, Lynn, and John -- thank you for commenting. I am looking forward to seeing the store in action.

Sunni R. said...

I was a Sprouts shopper before we moved out here to Parker Co, and will gladly be one again now that the new location is open. I love how it smells like a health food store when you walk in. I don't know why but I love that smell.

Stephanie said...

I went yesterday... and you were right on the money. i think it will do great in fort worth. i was very impressed with the pricing. but you have to question my sanity for going on opening day. it was like a busy day at disney world with shopping buggies. yikes.

Francis Shivone said...

Thanks all, it seems unanimous. Marian went yesterday and the checkout lines were 20+ long. If you are Sprouts you gotta love the response.

Anonymous said...

Fruit and Vegs. outstanding. Seafood usually has an odor that says, " to old for consumption." Prices reasonable. Difficult to find informed help. So glad you are open. Like having option other than Central Market.