Monday, January 31, 2011

Chop House Burgers, Arlington, Texas. The Best?

First, let me thank Lynn for the suggestion. I don't first-time-try Arlington restaurants much these days and wouldn't have found the Chop-House if Lynn hadn't said something.

The Chop House Burger is as good as you can get. Period. I could stop there, give you the link, and say, next time you are in Arlington, stop by.

But for those interested, Chop House Burgers is the venture of long-time steakhouse chef Kenny Mills, who, among many other things, ran one of my favorite steakhouses in the country, The Capital Grille, in Washington, DC. I mention that because after you have tasted one of the Chop House burgers you know that this is a hamburger that has had some thought put into it.

The "Best" burger in the area? I don't know, but it should be an entrant in any DFW competition. If you have been, or you go, PLEASE, tell me your opinion. Am I missing something or is that a great burger?

The fries, by the way: medium-thin cut, fried perfectly, hot, and delicious. One order is enough for two people, at least for Marian and me. The prices are similar to any of the better hamburger places in the area, about $10 per person for a meal. They do have soups and salads, as well.

Chop House Burgers is in a little strip shopping center at the corner of Park Row and Fielder.

I'll be going back. What else can I say.

Chop House Burgers Link: Here



John said...

Thanks, Fran. Chop House Burgers is now on my list. (My "to eat" list is getting as long as my "to read" list.)

But I'm not venturing into Arlington until the Super Bowl is gone.

Francis Shivone said...

John -- it's worth a visit. I forgot to add that the little boom box for music was set to late 60's rock. Santana, Dylan, Beatles, maybe that influenced me, as well.

Lynn said...

@ John: Smart man to wait until all the Super Bowl madness dies down.

@ Francis: I will be watching my friend watch the game on Sunday. He said I could bring my knitting. And he bribed me with cheesecake.