Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Virgin America -- Now Flying from DFW

I heard a radio interview of Sir Richard Branson today.*

He's the British guy that owns everything that Mark Cuban and Bill Gates don't own. He's also the guy who's financing and developing space travel for anybody who has the $200,000 for a ticket. Peanuts included in price.

Branson's in town promoting the launch of Virgin America Airlines, which, as of today, is flying out of DFW to San Francisco and Los Angeles. His vision for flying is simple: "make flying good again."

All I can say is good luck. Air travel is cheap, but it's more about endurance than enjoyment these days.

American Airlines controls more than 85% of flights out of DFW, and as much as I appreciate what they do for the area, I believe we need the kind of competition that Virgin America will bring. DFW airport must agree, they offered Virgin America $2 million in incentives to enter this market.

The options are limited for now. Virgin will have two flights daily to San Francisco and two flights to Los Angeles.

Read more about Virgin America in the Star Telegram: 

Virgin America website

* yes, on the Ticket's  Hardline.


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