Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Quiet Sunday's Observations.

  1. Making lots of money is overvalued. Freedom from debt and unnecessary financial obligation is undervalued. It's not how much money you make, it's how much you keep after you've paid your bills.
  2. All objects attract objects of their own kind. Cars, people, money. No matter where I park someone will park near me.No matter where I sit, someone sits near me. I do not understand this phenomenon.
  3. My great grand-kids will have no knowledge of me or my life. What do I know about my grandparent's parents?
  4. Everyone deserves "do-overs" in life. But life shouldn't be one do over after another.
  5. Nature doesn't dispense anything in measured proportions.
  6. Over-evaluating anything produces confusion and disappointment.
  7. Contentment is a choice.
  8. Being right doesn't justify being annoying.
  9. The hurt we receive is the hurt we inflict.
  10. Every generation creates its own hierarchy of virtues. (10b) The majority opinion is almost always wrong.


Lynn said...

Great list, though I respectfully suggest that if you keep a journal, you will know yourself, and your descendants will know you.

Francis Shivone said...

Lynn, correction respectfully accepted.

John said...

The value of a quiet day is that it's conducive to thoughts like these. Allow me to piggyback.

1. Money is overrated. Wealth is not.

2. Hopefully this is not true in public restrooms.

3. Given your penchant for writing, this is something you can correct. In fact, it's something I should correct too.

4. Although I think I understand your point, one might argue that every moment in life is a do-over in the sense that we should be learning from our mistakes.

5. Corollary: life is unfair.

6. Paralysis by analysis

7. It's hard to ignore fear and pain.

8. Most people can handle bad times - the true test of a person is how they handle power.

9. I suppose you can say we learn our pain vocabulary and it's the only dialect we know. But the implications for a downward spiral are spooky.

10. This is why what's right is an absolute and not a relative virtue.

Francis Shivone said...

Lots of good points John.

Concerning number 2, I hear that there is as iPhone app for choosing the correct urinal in a men's room. And some guys need to start using it.

My No. 7 is kind of Dr Philish and is only true under certain assumptions.

I like the word penchant, but can't use it anymore without using the French pronunciation and thinking of Mike Myers in the Austin Powers movie.


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