Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Buon Giorno Coffee. Fort Worth.

Buon Giorno Coffee opened its doors for business on Monday, December 13. They took the recently vacated House Coffee Bar location, just west of downtown. I stopped by today to see the new digs and and to get a cup of coffee.

They had several blends in the self-serve carafes, I asked for a dark roast and was told to try the Papua, New Guinea blend. I did.

Perfect -- a really good cup of coffee.

Buon Giorno is also a coffee-roaster and sells fresh coffee by the half-pound and pound. Besides coffee and coffee drinks, Buon Giorno serves grill-toasted paninis, and pastries made at Main Street Bakery in Grapevine.

I hope that there is a place for the privately-owned coffee shop. There should be. I have never been a Starbucks basher; knowing I can get a good cup of coffee anywhere in the country is a service I appreciate. But local distinctiveness is lost when a business is run from 1500 miles away, to say nothing of the other benefits to the local economy a small business provides.

If Buon Giorno consistently serves coffee like they had today, I'll be going back often.
Buon Giorno is open Monday through Saturday, 6:30 am until 10:30 pm in the week, and 7:00 am till 11:00 pm on Saturday nights.

Buon Giorno website 



Anonymous said...

I was also impressed by Buon Giorno's coffee, as well as by their tasty vegan treat offerings.

(The city nerd in me must point out that Buon Giorno is in fact located in downtown, not just west. Downtown's borders are the river on the north and west and the railroad tracks on the east and south.)

Francis Shivone said...

Kevin -- if anyone gets to be a city border bully, you do. I accept the correction.

And thanks for your work in making our fair burg a more "livable" city.

John said...

While I've never been the the Buon Giorno in Grapevine, my son has and the place seems to have a good reputation.

I'm glad you like Starbucks - my wife does too. But I don't. The coffee tastes like cigarettes. And I can't order there cuz it's like speaking another language.

Francis Shivone said...

John -- and what is wrong with tasting like a cigarette? :)