Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wilson's Barbecue. The best I've had?

Those of you who live in the Meadowbrook area as I do, will recall a little building at the intersection of 820 and Brentwood Stair which has housed every kind of eatery from fried chicken to fried donuts. The average lifespan for each is around three months.

It's now Wilson's Barbecue. I noticed it the other day, so stopped by for lunch -- and I hope it lasts a long time.

Is it the best I have had?

It's hard to say in one visit, but I will say this.  Wilson's sliced beef barbecue sandwich was lean, juicy, tasty, and stacked high in the sandwich -- and the thought did run through my mind, "this might be the best barbecue sandwich I've ever had."

I ordered the dinner plate which was a good portion of sliced beef, pinto beans, potato salad, two slices of bread, and an iced tea. The potato salad was a little sweet and over blended for my palate, but good, nevertheless. The pinto beans were perfect. The beef was as good as you can get, in my opinion. Price: $11. Probably about what you'd pay at any good barbecue place, but a little higher than my normal lunch budget.

This is very good barbecue, if you've been, please tell me if you agree. Wilson's also serves the usual rib plates and the like.

Wilson's has two locations, one off Camp Bowie, and a new location on the Eastside at Brentwood Stair and 820. It's right off the freeway, next door to the What-a-burger .

Two Locations:
Wilson's Barbecue
5633 Lovell Avenue (after post note: Jake says this location is closed.)
Fort Worth, TX 76107 
(817) 763-9482 () ‎ 

Interstate 820 & Brentwood Stair Rd. 



Lynn said...

Haven't been, but I'll put it on the list. Got a burger at Charley's today. Better than OK, fries were limp but well-seasoned, and the hand-squeezed lemonade was *superb*!

Jake Good said...

I went to the one on Camp Bowie (which btw is closed) and the ribs were crazy good. The place was tiny and they had the *only* original plain sweet potato pie in town...

Good stuff!

Francis Shivone said...

Lynn/Jake -- I'm not the best judge of BBQ but I thought it was delicious. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Easily my favorite cue in town, I was so glad to see Leroy open up again after the Camp Bowie location closed. You have to try the sausage, so much better than the smoked store bought variety almost everyone else in town does.

Rambler, picky guy said...

I grabbed a sliced sandwich there yesterday. It was, as you say, quite good, but I wanted to sit and eat and it's was hot and the booths cramped. The soda machine (like the credit cards) was not operational, and the lady offered to sell me bottled water, then allowed that she "might" be able to give me a cup of water. Also, the sides were quite expensive, I thought. $3.50 for a cup of beans! I ended up taking the sandwich back to the office, at which point the bread was soggy. I was taking lunch to a friend's house in Meadowbrook today and meant to pick up some chopped at Williams, but was running late so grabbed some at City Pig on 8th. It was also quite good and a more friendly place.

Francis Shivone said...

Rambler -- you are right and I should have mentioned that Wilson's is not a great place to eat in and that their "efficiencies" need improving.

And the prices are on the high side, I agree there too.

I did think the sliced beef was as good as I have had the and I hope a more comfortable setting is in the future.

Thanks for the comment


Anonymous -- I plan on trying the sausage next. Thanks.

Sunni R. said...

Compelling- we will have to try it sometime!

Victor Shivone said...

I seriously just salivated! Nothing gets the taste buds as excited as the Real Deal BBQ, no matter what style or region. I love hand squeezed lemonade also.

Rambler said...

How's the new management at Smokey Joes on E. Lancaster? I really liked the last owner.

Francis Shivone said...

Rambler -- I have been once. It was almost empty and it wasn't that great. Sorry to say.

Anonymous said...

Wilson's BBQ relocated to the East Side of Fort Worth new address is 5513 Brentwood Stair Rd
817 469 4114