Saturday, October 23, 2010

Texas Rangers Win American League Pennant.

Star-Telegram/Ron Jenkins
 The Texas Rangers win the American League pennant. Amazing. I was so excited I could hardly sleep.

One of the oddest and most enjoyable statistics for this series: the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees had the greatest player salary disparity in baseball playoff history. New York Yankees: $206 million. Texas Rangers: $55 million.

If the Phillies could somehow win two in a row and meet the Rangers in the World Series, all would be right in heaven. Besides could you imagine a Lee / Halladay match-up?



Just Me Saying said...

Am so happy for the Rangers! Thanks for posting about their fantastic season this year. The marketing slogan they have used this year is very accurate. It's Time!

Anonymous said...

Having been a fan since they first moved here in 1972 (I was all of 7 years old), I still can't believe it. I just keep expecting them to lose. After 37 straight years of disappointment, one can certainly understand. What an incredible ride. Usually the Rangers put on their pink panties when facing the Yankees, but not this time. And they won convincingly too.


Francis Shivone said...

JMS -- "It's time" says it just right.

RJG -- I was season ticket holder for many years, was at the playoff game in late 90's when got beat by the Yankees. This is all just too good to be true. And lovin the way they play baseball, too. I can't remember if I commented on your Denver Italian restaurant post but it sure sounds like a great area. Thanks.

Sr. Ann Marie said...

Sorry our Phillies didn't make it--it would have been a great game! Good luck to the Rangers!

Francis Shivone said...

Sr. Ann Marie -- I was sorry about the Phils, too. I thought they had the best team in baseball. Just don't pull for those Giants. Thanks.