Tuesday, October 19, 2010

5 things I don't understand that others do understand. Or seem to.

Weddings. I definitely do not understand the modern wedding with its event-like atmosphere. And I wonder,   "Is the male a necessary or accidental component in a wedding? I mean if the girls could have a wedding without the guy, would they?

NASCAR. I like cars and I like driving fast, but I do not get the interest in this particular event. There's a big concrete circle, cars that look all the same except the color, and hairy man-fans with a man-crush on a driver. No thanks. 

Chicken and dumplings. It's bland, it's gooey, it doesn't smell very good, it looks worse, and it would taste a lot better if the components were left separate.

Chewing tobacco. How does this habit start?

Hair frosting for men. Look, if you're a guy and you've had your hair frosted, it's nothing personal, but is it really worth sitting in one of those beauty parlors with aluminum foil on your head to get the hair you want? I mean . . . dude, man-up a little.

That's it. You can go back to what you were doing . . .



Lynn said...

Weddings: sealings in the (LDS) temple are small and quiet and reverent and short.

NASCAR: I don't get it, either, but I'd like to go just once.

Chicken & dumplings: when well-made, it is ambrosial. Mostly, it is not. We live for Secondborn's MIL's turkey and dumplings the day after Thanksgiving, because her dumplings are fat fresh noodles, cooked just long enough in the broth.

Hair tipping for men: waitstaff should be tipped (generously); cows should be tipped (occasionally); hair should not be tipped for men. In 40-60 years, nature takes care of that, anyway.

Item #5: I forget, but I think I agreed with you.

Stephanie said...

i like weddings {i used to plan them} even though sometimes they are all about the party... there really is magic with a wedding... at least, the high dollar ones i planed ;)

and chicken and dumplings -- my grandmother makes delish ones... more like thick chicken and noodles... sort of like the ones at paris cafe.

the other things...eh, whatever. they aren't my gig.

John said...

Weddings (and more importantly, wedding receptions) are about the bride's parents. Period. So, you could have a wedding reception w/o the groom.

NASCAR isn't as bad as the turning left joke makes it seem.

Francis Shivone said...

John -- So is it true that the parents of the bride would prefer the wedding without the groom?

Lynn/John -- I'd like to go to a NASCAR once as well. Just to see if I can get it.

Stephanie -- I have no problem with the wedding being a party, or the ritual wedding ceremony. Both good. I do have difficulty with tricking them up to the point where you're not sure what it is. Just my opinion and thanks for your good comments.

Stephanie said...

i've seen some pretty tricked up ones... and i will say that they are most certainly about the image of wanting to be different. right or wrong, they are concerned about how the event makes people perceive them...

John Sunday said...

We are pretty much on the same page....

I will can only tolerate a wedding if there is a good reception to follow.

NASCAR. Not a fan but I went to a race when TMS first opened 10+ years ago. It's actually pretty mind boggling and you do need to go at least once. The noise, the cars 2 inches apart going 200mph, it's pretty amazing. I didn't sit down the first hour. Never been back and probably never will...but I get it.