Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Il Cane Rosso at Times Ten Cellars. Try it. Trust me.

After the one week rain delay, Jay Jerrier of Il Cane Rosso, rolled his wood-burning pizza oven from Dallas to Fort Worth, parked it at Times Ten Cellars off 7th Street, and made some authentic and delicious Neapolitan-style pizza.

Man was it ever good.

If you like Neapolitan style pizza make sure you get out to Times Ten Cellars some Tuesday night. This is good-good pizza. 

Marian and I ordered the mixed greens salad, delicious, even if the greens could have been more chilled, foccaccio bread, which is his pizza dough cooked with some olive oil, seasonings, and sea salt. Delicious, as well. And the margherita pizza. A perfect dinner for me.

I can't speak to the wines, no adult beverages for me these days, but I love the Times Ten Cellar building and location, which is part wine-production, part restaurant and bar. And I like that they make their wines with some of the grapes coming from their vineyards in Alpine, Texas.

Wine prices are what you pay at any restaurant, about $8 a glass. Bottle prices are in the $17 - $35 range, cheaper if buying to go.

The pizzas are between $10 and $15 and serve two. Unless one of the two is my twenty year old son, then it serves one.

I hope it works out for the Il Cane Rosso folks and Times Ten because they are both great additions to 7th Street.

The Details:
Times Ten Cellars
1100 Foch Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Tuesday night. Starts around 5 pm.
Il Cane Rosso


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Anonymous said...

visited the cellar for "pizza night" last Tuesday and it was absolutely FANTASTIC! (albeit a little pricey)